The Role of Kinesics in Making the Approach, Flirting, and Seduction

Kinesics - body movements, hand gesturesHumans communicate mainly through words. Any message that needs to be conveyed to another person is usually expressed verbally. But, as most of us know by now, words aren’t the only means of communication. Kinesics also plays a major, sometimes even bigger, part in human communication.

Kinesics is the utilization of body movements and other non-verbal cues like facial expression to convey messages. This form of communication is as effective as verbal communication because the body can say a lot.

In almost every aspect of our lives, kinesics is involved. But there are certain aspects when it is considered more important than the use of words. One of them is dating.

When you are trying to attract someone, it’s better, most of the times, to keep the mouth shut and let the body do the talking. This rings true especially during first encounters. There is a great chance that telling a lady that you are attracted to them verbally would make you look like a jerk, a pervert at times—this is certainly something you don’t want to happen.

Usually, guys scout for the ladies they think are attracted to them. The smart ones will not recklessly walk up to any hot woman; they’ll assess the situation first. They’d want to know if they have a shot with the girl. And the way to do that is to study her body language.

Among the body movements that indicate a girl is into you are the following:

She establishes eye contact, let the stare linger for a few seconds, and then look away

She smiles subtly

She touches intimate areas of her body when you have eye contact (i.e. back of the neck, top of her chest)

She flips her hair when talking to you or even if you’re several feet across her

If she’s seated, are her legs pointed in your direction?

She consciously corrects her posture; bring her rear backwards and her chest out

Does she uncross her arms?

Kinesics has a direct relationship with physical attraction. Different experts in flirting and attraction have found this to be true. Some studies also explained why guys normally “spy” on women first especially when in settings like bars or clubs. According to the studies, men are found to be more likely to make the approach when they see encouragement from the women, through the form on non-verbal gestures, repeated eye contact and smiling, to be specific.

These indications greatly reduces chances of being rejected—something that no guy wants.

So don’t take body gestures for granted. Most people make the mistake of not being observant. This can cost you a really good shot at dating an amazing woman. Learn how to watch a woman’s movements. That’s your key to making a successful first attempt at seducing ladies.

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