How to Make Love to a Woman—Become an Expert in Lovemaking Even if You’re A Virgin

The real measure of a man is his knowledge on how to make love to a woman. If you want your woman to desire and lust after you and no one else, you have to be a real lover—someone who is an expert in making good love.

Some say experience is the best teacher; so that should mean you need to have gotten in bed with tons of women. This, however, is not always the case.

What if you’re a virgin?

Now there are various reasons as to why you’re still a virgin, and we will not go into those things because everybody has different beliefs. No one should just you just because you haven’t had sex before. To each his own.

But this should not stop you from becoming real good in bed. A number of women actually like sleeping with inexperienced men. Kind of makes them feel a bit special.

And if you’re going to sleep with a woman for the first time, you must not make an embarrassment of yourself. The woman you’re about to sleep with will already have an expectation from you—and that is a mediocre performance since it’s your first time.

Maybe you’d say that’s alright; better than nothing, right? Wrong! You must give it all you’ve got if you want to get laid over and over again. Give her the kind of performance that will give her multiple orgasms.

Accomplish that and she’s sure to want more of you. Better than that, you’ll feel a lot more confident about your sex skills.

This now leads us to how you can make love as if you’ve been doing it for quite some time. Yes you’ve seen enough porn to know what needs to be done, but there’s something you won’t get out of watching films: the art of sensual lovemaking.

Inexperience is no excuse for not giving a superb performance in bed. If you’re going at it, why not go with a bang?

Here are some tips that could make you look like someone with advanced sexual techniques:

Psyche her up

Understand that really good sex will make a woman feel connected to you. Even if you have no romantic feelings for a certain girl, you should give her your all when it comes to bed. Women like sex especially if they feel their partner is passionate in bed.

So when you find yourself a partner, don’t just stick it in and climax, like the way you would if you were masturbating. She’s a person. She’s not a sex doll. Or your hand. It will make her feel like a sl*t.

Be considerate. Make her feel like she’s special. Kiss her on the neck, lips, or in the area between her neck and shoulders while going at it. Look deep in her eyes when you’re about to reach the peak.

Make it appear like you’re more excited to get into bed than her. Why? As much as women like sex, they don’t want you to think they can’t wait to be underneath the sheets with you; they don’t like you to think they’re sl*uts.

Condition her mind into thinking that you desire for her more. This should take away all her inhibitions because she knows that she’s not being slutty.

Get into action

Start right with great foreplay. You know how it goes. You make out first and then progress into the bed (or couch, desk, whatever) and start taking your clothes off. Don’t jump in just yet.

It would be better if you gradually ignite her senses. Build up her desire. Make her come to a point where she can’t take it anymore she’d practically beg for you to do her.

Men who know how to give great foreplays are awesome. Chicks love them and guys envy them.

You don’t have to be making out to do this. While seated at the couch, place your hand on her thigh and lightly stroke her skin. Slide it to any part of her body and make her think you’re going to touch her specifically somewhere, like her breasts. Then when you’re a few inches away and she’s anticipated it, pull your hand away.

Or if you’re kissing, slowly move to her shoulders and move her clothes back so you can kiss her shoulder blades. Pull her bra strap a bit so you can reach the skin beneath it.

Kissing her on areas like the nape, inside her elbows, wrists, underarms, back of the knees, and ankles will make her go crazy.

Use variety. Here’s the thing: she’s experienced and you’re not. Therefore, she knows how it all happens. If you want to impress her, use variety. Do things differently. Do different things.

Don’t be boring. Use different positions. Don’t be stuck to just one.

Don’t be predictable. Let’s say you’ve both undressed and finished foreplay she’s ready to receive you, surprise her by kissing her entire body or going down on her. Vary your speed. Go passionately slow and then pick up the pace. Thrust quickly and then slow down immediately.

Go from gentle to rough; soft to hard; and passionate to plain horny. She will, definitely, feel like she’s in heaven.

Be the dominant one. You’re the man. That means you have to be dominant. Own her. Own the bed; the room; and the whole experience. Do things according to your own terms. Ladies like being dominated by men, especially in bed.

Showing her you have the power will make her desire you more. Heck, you can even tie her up for a change. She’ll most certainly give in if you build up the desire properly. Show her who the boss is.

You can tell her what you want. Demand her to give you a blowjob or be on top and straddle you. Being dominant doesn’t mean you have to be the one working. It means you have to be in charge.

Don’t forget to still be romantic. As horny as some women can be, they still want to feel a little romance so don’t forget about it. Do the things you did before. Whether it’s sending her flowers or leaving love notes, just make sure that those romantic deeds would lead her to wanting to have sex with you.

A little pain can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to thrust harder and faster a number of times. She may feel a bit pain, but unless she asks you to stop or start crying, don’t stop. A little pain is essential in lovemaking and it will just make your woman love what you’re doing more.

Bite into her a bit deeper and slap her every once in a while. This will add more to the excitement she is feeling, believe me.

Imagine if you only had to go at a certain pace and do the same thing over and over again. She’ll get bored even before both of you reach climax.

How to make love to a woman is relatively simple. It’s the kind of knowledge ingrained in our DNA because sex is crucial in human nature. Your instincts will tell you what to do.

However, it would help a great deal if you know how to make the experience a lot more meaningful and exciting by practicing these advanced sexual techniques. So good luck pal. Let your first time be a really memorable one.

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