Make a Good Impression on Your First Date

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It is important to make a really good impression on your first date. You can’t expect another series of dates if you totally suck in your first one. So this means you have to make the necessary preparations to ensure your girl enjoys it.

It does not mean you have to spend a lot of money like take her to a five-star hotel or pick her up in a limousine. While these things may impress some women, most of the female population is more concerned with the quality of the date.

Don’t be scared!

The first thing you have to remember is to stop being too anxious. It’s normal to be nervous, but don’t overdo it. Most guys feel this way because they are scared they are not worthy to be going out with the woman they like.

This is a foolish thought to entertain because she’s already agreed, so there is no reason to feel that way. Besides, it is a destructive thought, so it’s better to stop being scared and focus on what you have to do.

Take charge

The most common mistake guys make is to ask the girl where they want to go or what they want to do. This is a big no-no. Even though you want to please your date so much, don’t ask her what you want to do on your date.

You have to show her that you know how to take control. Be the one to decide on the activity, venue, etc.

Pick an activity and venue

Think about what would best impress your date. There are so many things you can do, which, ironically, make things even harder because you won’t be able to do all. To pick an activity, consider what your date is into. Is she athletic? Does she likes art? Movies? Music?

Based on those things, you can decide if you should dine in a fancy restaurant, watch a movie, or go to a bar where a really good band is playing.

Dress well and look awesome

It’s natural for most guys to not know how to dress well for certain occasions because they are used to wearing shirts and jeans. To make a good impression, you have to look great. So pick your outfit wisely. If you can ask someone to help you pick your clothes, do it.

It is also important to be fresh and clean. This means take a shower and spray a little cologne or perfume.

Be on time

Nothing can make a girl frustrated than a late date. You should be there on the dot. If you make her wait even for a few minutes, she will not be in a great mood during the date.

Be comfortable and have a great time

To have a really good time, you must let all your worries go out of the window. If you focus too much on trying to impress her, you will not enjoy it. Be comfortable and focus on enjoying your first date. It’s really very simple: if you relax, you’ll enjoy every minute of the date. Your date would, too.

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