Things to Remember When You Date a Girl

girl_mws-200×300.jpg” alt=”How to date a girl” width=”200″ height=”300″ />If you want to date a girl, you have to be careful of the things you do because a single mistake can ruin things. This is going to make it extremely hard for you to get over because sucking on one will give you a bad social proof.

It means your date is sure to talk about how awful your date was. As a result, her friends will think of you as a douche and in case you ask another woman out on a date and she happens to know your ex date’s friends, she is most likely to refuse because you have a reputation for being an awful date.

You have to keep this from happening. If you are going out on another date, you need to make sure you prepare accordingly.

Here are some tips that could help:

  1. Find out what your date’s interests are so you can think of an activity during your date that she will love. Another good thing this can do is it will make her like you more. The mere fact that you exerted an effort in finding out what she likes to do is enough to make her like you.
  2. Get a makeover. If there is someone you know who has a knack for fashion, seek out their help. You need to look dashing and handsome on your date. Also, do not forget to wear cologne or a little bit of perfume.
  3. Arrange for a cool ride if you can afford it.
  4. Pick her up on time. Nothing can be more frustrating for a girl than waiting for her date to pick her up.
  5. Have some flowers or a box of chocolates for her. Though some think this is outdated, there are still some girls who find this romantic.
  6. Don’t forget to compliment her. Tell her how beautiful she looks. Do this several times during your date.
  7. Talk about enjoyable topics. Make sure the conversation is fun and insightful. Ask stuff about her. Talk a little bit about yourself.
  8. Make her laugh. Funny stories and jokes can keep the entire date interesting and enjoyable.
  9. Be a gentleman. Open doors for her. Give her your coat if it’s cold. Pull out her chair before she sits down.
  10. Be yourself.

These things should help you do really well on a date. If you do these right and she’s impressed, you can expect to have another date. Soo remember that the next time you are going to date a girl, you have to make sure you do these things correctly.

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